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Volkswagen T-Roc Review: Funky & Fun To Drive Mid-Size SUV!


Volkswagen is getting its SUV game strong in India, with the gigantic Tiguan All-Space, the practical Taigun & this rather funky T-Roc. People are happy to either step up from a hatchback or step down from something larger, possibly compromising on some space, to jump on the mid-size SUV, as it ticks all the boxes of being pocket friendly and still not losing the SUV feel.

Yet behind the fancier image, the T-Roc shares all its technology and engineering with its hatchback siblings, and is all the better for it.


You pay more for being funky, and it is not a bad thing as you're getting something eccentric but the advantages don’t stop there as the T-Roc is a little roomier than its smaller siblings due to its taller body dimensions.

The T-Roc features a conventionally proportioned, two-box body with somewhat expressive, bulging fenders. While the swollen fenders may appear contradictory to VW’s traditional styling language, they are a safe choice in this segment where customers prefer a slightly aggressive appearance.

The headlights are located directly adjacent to the grille, and the LED daytime running lights also act as turn signals when needed.

The T-Roc breaks new ground in the VW cosmos by offering an array of colors with contrasting black roof. Customers can choose from a wide range of interesting colors:-

  • Pure White

  • Flash Red

  • Deep Black Pearl

  • Ravenna Blue

  • Indium Grey

  • Kurkuma Yellow

17" Diamond Cut Alloy wheels Fill Up The Wheel Arches Really Well


What this interior isn’t about is material quality, an area in which VW has set benchmarks since the mid-2010s (Passat/Phaeton/Touareg). Some elements in the T-Roc cabin, such as the airbag cover, are made from high-quality materials, but others—like the upper dashboard, the glovebox, and the door trim—are made from hard plastic, which at this price point is not what you'd expect.

It’s a practical car, with a higher seating position. There’s plenty of space in the back, while the T-Roc’s generous width means you can even squeeze an adult in the middle seat (if you really must). The boot’s a decent size, too.

The Panoramic sunroof helps the interior feel very roomy, the seats offer great support but the only thing I wish was there was at least an electric driver's seat.

The T-Roc does come packing a good amount of features to make its price more appetizing including auto headlamps, auto wipers, dual-zone climate control, heated front seats (which I wish I didn't try, pun intended)


The T-Roc comes with only one engine option, the 1.5L TSI EVO with ACT. Power figures are quite respectable at 150bhp & 250Nm Torque. When pushed to its limits the T-Roc redlines at 6500 rpm, which you won't expect. The 0-100 kph mark hits somewhere around 10 seconds, but it actually feels a lot quicker.

There is a delightful balance to the chassis. Turn-in is precise and swift, and the T-Roc is easily controllable up to its relatively high cornering limits, where it begins to understeer. VW wants to underline the T-Roc’s sportiness in a class where driving dynamics are scarcely made a priority.

The T-Roc certainly rides well and feels smoother over poor road surfaces. It's still well controlled though and doesn't float all over the place or bounce over bumps.

As for noise levels, the T-Roc is very quiet on the move, with little road or wind noise. There's good sound insulation too, so you're never complaining about the outside noise.

For the money, the 1.5-litre TSI is the perfect engine for the T-Roc. Its 150hp output brings more than enough performance for a car of its size, needing minimal effort to make the most of it while delivering respectable efficiency too, even the seven-speed DSG is super smooth.


JustCar says: The overall packaging for T-Roc is very appreciatable. The looks are something that'll strike at your heart at first glance as it's something you might have not seen especially in the Indian market. As of now, the T-Roc has no competition to worry about, the only thing it needs to worry about is, the pricing (21.35 Lakhs, Ex-Showroom), as it is a CBU the extra cost is understandable, but if you choose to invest your money on the T-Roc there's one thing for sure, you're going to enjoy your time with it!.


  • Cabin Space

  • Comfort

  • Driving


  • Price

JustCar Gives The Volkswagen T-Roc A Very Respectable 3.5/5

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