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Road-Trip with the Mighty BMW M340i!

What are the essentials for a memorable road trip?

Incredible car?

Great roads?

Amazing Weather?

All of the above!

I got my hands on the super amazing BMW M340i for this road trip, M340i has always been a high-performance sleeper, and "Sleeper" is a car guy term for something that has incredible performance but blends perfectly well. Incredible Vehicle, Check ✅.

The BMW M340i

The BMW M340i is an amazing vehicle to choose for your road trip, It has ballistic performance and incredible comfort, the perfect touring vehicle. You can cover a great amount of distance without even slight discomfort.

Its straight six engine with twin-scroll turbo churns out an incredible 387 BHP & 500 Nm Torque and can do 0-100 in 4.4 seconds. Those are supercar performance figures in a saloon! Now that's what I call a perfect sleeper! No one knows the potential of the car on the outside, blends like a normal 3 series, unless you go bonkers with the gas pedal.

M340i sounds amazing, the pops and crackles are totally unexpected, and once you engage the "Sports Plus" mode, oh boy, it sounds epic! BMW's intelligent all-wheel-drive xDrive gives the M340i a different characteristic, the xDrive gives the car tremendous grip in any road condition. Perfect for any road trip.

The interior of the M340i is the place to be, the sports seats are super supportive, they hold you in place while you're cornering at high speeds, and the extendable under-thigh support is a charm, especially if you're a tall driver.

The Road-Trip

We decided to spend our weekend at The Ritz-Carlton, Pune. It was a 4 hours drive from Mumbai. The Mumbai-Pune expressway has amazing roads, there are twists and turns on the Lonavala ghats that let us experience BMW's xDrive technology on those rain-soaked highways.

The ghats of Lonavala were serenely green due to the rains, we stopped a few times to enjoy the view. Good Roads & Amazing Weather, Check ✅.

The M340i has stiffer suspension compared to the 320d/330i. Every imperfection on the road is felt in the cabin, the cruise control is your best friend for road trips, munching down kilometers without any discomfort to your feet. After around 4 hours we reached our destination, without even knowing we had traveled 160 kms. For our overall 475 Kms journey, the M340i gave 9 kmpl but surely I was heavy-footed, who wouldn't be if you had the M340i? The M340i proved to be a great choice for the road trip, perfect for munching distances and having crazy supercar performance.


  • Power

  • Handling

  • Exhaust Note

  • Sleeper Looks


  • Stiff suspension

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