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New Mini Cooper S Convertible Review


Mini has refreshed the Cooper, there are a few changes that keep things freshened up, but the Cooper always manages to keep people intrigued wherever you go, especially with the roof down, It always turns heads. Everyone loves that "Wind In The Hair" experience!

India is an automotive market that has very few convertibles on sale due to the weather condition and heat, but the Cooper has always been everyone's favorite convertible due to its unique and exquisite looks.


The Cooper has always been a looker, the refresh makes it even better. With the roof down, there's no denying that you wouldn't stop admiring the looks.

The front facia has been revised, the front grill used to be black irrespective any colour you chose, but now it will be painted as body colour. The front foglights have been replaced with functional air curtains.

The Zesty Yellow colour shown in our pictures is new and exclusive for the Convertible, and is as bright as it looks. We'd choose this shade over any, as it really looks very unique.

The rear is not quite distinguishable from the previous update, but it actually didn't need one as it always was quite funky.

The union jack taillights look really amazing, to add to the union jack theme, you can now opt for an Union Jack Convertible roof as an optional extra. The wheels options have been given a much-needed refresh.


The funky theme continues on the inside, interior is slightly revised as well with a new digital instrument panel and an 8.8-inch central display, and the union jack ambient light has been replaced with a textured center console.

The material used are top notch as you'd expect from the brand. The front seats provide ample space for the front passengers, but the rear seats are best for children, just incase you want to squeeze in adults getting in with the roof down is a better option, with the roof closed the rear seats have very limited space.


It's powered by a 4-cylinder petrol engine with MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology that churns out 192Hp & 280Nm Torque, which accelerates from 0-100 in 7.1 Seconds with a top speed of 233 Kmph.

Handling of the Mini is really astonishing, the handling is really like what Mini claims "Go Kart" like. It's super planted on corners, even on high speed.

Cooper S Convertible offers 3 driving modes:

  • Green (Eco) - It'll optimize the car to make it fuel efficient, even the auto Start-Stop gets aggressive, the Air Conditioner will be optimized to help you save fuel. The gearbox will also disengage to help the car coast for increasing efficiency.

  • Mid (Balanced) - As the name suggests everything will be in the comfiest setting, the gear changes will be very smooth and the power delivery will be very linear.

  • Sport - Engine & Gearbox will be in the most aggressive setting to give the best driving experience, the gear changes will be at higher rpm's.


JustCar says: "The Mini Cooper S Convertible is a very fun to drive car, but at the expense of practicality & a lot of money. If you’re after a compact, fun car that delivers wind-in-your-hair thrills when the weather’s good, there isn’t much out there that can beat the Mini Cooper S Convertible. The Sportiness and Exclusivity offer two alternative takes on the Mini identity for a bit extra."


  • Power

  • Handling

  • Wind-In-The-Hair Experience

  • Head Turner


  • Price

  • Practicality (Do you really care if you're buying one?)

JustCar gives Mini Cooper S Convertible a decent 3.5/5

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