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First Ever BMW M340i xDrive Review - Not Your Average 3 Series!

While BMW 3 series has always been associated with the driver's car, their latest offering - M340i takes that one step ahead.

The 3 series has been a driving enthusiast's pick from the lot, of its German competitors like the Mercedes Benz C Class or the Audi A4.

3 Series is a package which everyone looks at like: Fun to drive & Practical car, but the M340i is here to change that perspective until the full-blown M3 arrives in India.

From the outside, this may look like a regular 3 series, in a way that you may get confused that it's just a "330i M Sport". However, once you go around, the "M" badge, shouts at you, telling you that this machine is something special, and not a regular 3.

Over and above that, the M340i gets BMW's intelligent all-wheel-drive system known as the "xDrive".


BMW has given the M340i some cosmetic changes, so it stands out from the regular 3.

The front & rear bumpers are more aggressive. The large BMW kidney grille Mesh inserts are framed by a single surround and split up by wide bars that link to the headlight.

The headlights offered on the M340i are the Adaptive LED with Laserlights, Which can adjust itself to avoid dazzling the oncoming traffic and illuminate the road ahead perfectly depending on the steering input for better visibility.

The M340i’s look is also complemented by exterior mirror caps, air intake struts, the BMW kidney grille surrounds, trapezoidal tailpipe trims and the model lettering all finished in Cerium Grey metallic.


The Interior of the M340i is indeed a very special space to be in! The sport seats are super supportive, they hold you in place while you're cornering at high speeds, the extendable under-thigh support is a charm, especially if you're a tall driver.

To provide an unforgettable "M" drive, there are elements in the car that stand out and will never make you forget that you're in the mighty M340i.

  1. "M340i" lettering in the digital instrument cluster

  2. M Seatbelts

  3. Anthracite roof lining

  4. M Steering wheel with paddle shifters

  5. Interior trim strips in Aluminum Tetragon

  6. M Head-Up display


How is it different from the 330i? We thought you might ask...

The 330i M Sport is powered by a 2.0L inline 4-cylinder that makes 258Hp & 400Nm torque, which some might think is already powerful enough for a premium sedan, but wait till you hear the M340i figures!

M340i xDrive is powered by a 3.0L inline 6-cylinder petrol engine with BMW M TwinPower Turbo technology that churns out 387Hp & 500Nm Torque, which accelerates from 0-100 in 4.4 Seconds with a top speed of 250 Kph (Electronically Limited), The power output is bonkers!

BMW's intelligent all-wheel-drive xDrive gives the M340i a different characteristic, the xDrive gives the car tremendous grip in any road condition.

The power output is truly out of this world. The thrust you get when you press the accelerator is something you cannot put into words, you need to experience the M340i to get your mind blown.

The suspension setup is on a stiffer side, the suspension settings remain unchanged no matter whatever mode you're in. Even in "Comfort" or "EcoPro", the suspension remains stiff which could get you wobbling all over the place. but while cornering the handling is amazing as there is a very nominal body-roll due to the stiffer setup.

There are driving modes that alter the drive, depending on the experience you want.

basis your experience, you can switch into various drive modes with a press of a button.

Driving Modes:-

  1. EcoPro

  2. Comfort

  3. Sport

  4. Sport+


JustCar says: "The BMW M340i is our new favorite 3 series variant. It's super fun to drive & handles like a dream. the exhaust growl in sports mode is very addictive, information given on the Head-Up display makes you forget that there's an instrument cluster to look at The BMW M340i xDrive is going to give the Mercedes Benz C43 AMG a tough competition."


  • Power

  • Handling

  • Exhaust Note

  • Sleeper Looks


  • Stiff suspension even in comfort mode

  • Alloy wheel design could've been different from the 330i M Sport

JustCar gives the M340i a huge thumbs-up!

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