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BMW 2 Series GranCoupe (220d) Review: Fun To Drive Entry Level Four-Door Coupe!


BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe is the newest entrant to the 4 door coupe in BMW's already vast catalog for India. The 2 Series is just almost the right size to carry 4 people. The handling characteristics make it feel like it's an elongated go-kart.


Along with its sporty and nimble size, the 2 Series Gran Coupe (the name indicates its fastback-style sloping roof) offers an attractive entry-level luxury looker, But that doesn't make it a budget BMW. While it's based on a 1 Series Hatchback platform.

The 2 Series Gran Coupe offers the performance, technology, and refinement we've come to expect of the brand. It's also well suited to compete in a growing class of entry-luxury models, including the newly introduced Mercedes-Benz A-Class Limousine.

If you’re 6ft or taller, you need to duck a bit to get inside the cabin and you’ll find that top and the back of your head brushes the roofline if you settle back into the headrest, which will irritate you on a long journey. It’s fine for shorter ones - or for shorter humans.

There are a lot of "M" badges on the press car we reviewed, as it was the 220d M Sport. It's got 18" Rims, which we love. AND THEN THIS COLOUR...... MISANO BLUE. I'm truly short of words for how beautiful this car looks in this colour.


The cabin of the 2 Series GranCoupe will be instantly familiar to any current model BMW owner with the neatly arranged dash featuring the ‘Cockpit Professional’ set-up including a 10.25-inch configurable instrument display, and another same-size multimedia screen as the other BMW's.

All instrumentation and key controls are angled towards the driver and attention to detail in terms of quality are high. It’s now an accepted truth that lights and screens are the new chrome in terms of automotive design, and the 2 Series Gran Coupe complements its sleek screens with an interior ambient lighting package, as well as brushed metal elements and BMW’s usual array of logically arranged, legible and user-friendly switchgear.

The boot chips in with 430 litres of load space, which is okay, and it’s worth remembering the opening is narrow relative to a similarly-sized sedan. But a 40/20/40 split-folding rear seat increases flexibility and liberates more space.

Don’t bother looking for a spare, as it's just a space saver.


The 220d’s engine produces 190bhp and takes 7.5 seconds to get from 0-62mph. While it’s a little grumbly by modern diesel standards, it’s rich with torque and gets down the road swiftly enough.

The 220d's eight-speed gearbox is sweetly calibrated and does a nice job of picking the right gear for the right moment without even using the paddles. Of course, you can use the paddle shifters to feel more sporty.

The handling of the 2 Series GranCoupe is exceptionally good, as mentioned earlier it feels like an elongated go-kart. The steering feels very direct, and the car feels very planted during high-speed manoeuvres.

The suspension setup is pretty good for Indian roads, they soak up most of the bumps. I wish I could say the same about the tyres, especially after our press car having the 18 inches low profile tyres, it was very difficult to try and speed up, as you'd always be afraid of having a tyre burst of the rims getting cracked, as the condition of our road is unpredictable.

Other than that, the driving was super fun.

There are driving modes, like EcoPro, Comfort & Sport. EcoPro is more about conserving fuel, Comfort is for a balanced ride, and Sport takes the Engine's responsiveness, Gearshifts & Steering stiffness up a notch for the maximum fun ride.


JustCar says: BMW did their smallest, cheapest entry right. It’s the best example of the BMW coupe styling they’ve offered in years. BUT, if you are willing to spend a little bit more, We’d recommend going straight to a 3 Series instead. You know the company poured their heart and soul into that car. If you're still looking for something different and more stylish than an average sedan, then you can go ahead and lay your heart on one.!


  • Power

  • Head Turner Looks

  • Handling


  • Cabin Space

  • Rim Size (On the 220d M Sport)

JustCar Gives The 2 Series GranCoupe A Respectable Score

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