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Mercedes-Benz launches the 2021 GLC equipped with latest Mercedes me connect technology!

First time in a GLC: 2021 Mmc Technology with voice integration | Intuitive Digital

Instrument Cluster | Front massage seats | Remote Engine Start

GLC remained the highest selling SUV in Mercedes-Benz India portfolio in 2020

The company sold more than 8400 units of GLC since its inception till date

  • The GLC now features latest connected car technology- 2021 Mercedes me connect integrating Alexa Home, Google Home and Parking locations on navigation system and App.

  • Front seats with massage function introduced first time in Mercedes-Benz India product line-up with the GLC

  • New fully digital instrument cluster with MBUX, offers various display options that can be adjusted as per the individual’s needs

  • Remote Engine Start adds to the convenience of starting the car remotely for pre entry air conditioning before even the start of journey

  • Parking Package with 360° camera for additional safety and giving an all-round visibility to the driver

  • 2021 GLC comes in two new exciting colour options: Brilliant Blue and High Tech Silver

  • Mercedes-Benz GLC 200 is priced at Rs. 57.40 lakhs (Ex-Showroom, India) and the GLC 220d 4M is Rs. 63.15 lakhs (Ex-Showroom, India)

Pune: India’s leading luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz today, launched the 2021 GLC

with the game changing ‘Mercedes me connect’ technology along with a host of additional feature enrichment. The fully loaded 2021 GLC now offers more comfort and driving assistance to the customers than ever before, and sets a higher benchmark in the segment in terms of

workmanship in the interiors and an advanced multimedia and assistance systems. These

feature enhancements in the 2021 GLC will help maintain its lead in the mid-size luxury SUV

segment and offer customers a compelling choice in form of a fully loaded, connected luxury


The 2021 GLC available in both GLC 200 and GLC 220d variant, combines outstanding on and

off-road driving characteristics with spaciousness, practicality and comfort. It is an illustration

of excellent artisanship of high quality materials, in combination with a classy and authentic

design that attracts immediate attention. Targeted towards urban dwellers who are tech savvy

and adrenaline seekers, the GLC is one of the most suitable products for them.

Martin Schwenk, Managing Director and CEO, Mercedes-Benz India said, “The GLC has

remained a key pillar of our SUV offense and has been the single highest selling SUV in our

portfolio last year. With the 2021 GLC, we now offer a technology superior, feature enriched

fully loaded mid-size SUV, which has raised the benchmark for tech, comfort and convenience

in the segment significantly. The new intuitive Mmc technology, MBUX Telematics with Hey

Mercedes and new features create a comfortable and best-in car experience. As a customer

centric brand, it remains our endeavor to constantly offer new products and technology that

benefits the customers and create a delightful ownership experience. We are confident, with the

technology and feature enrichment, the GLC will continue its customer preference and extend

its lead in the premium mid-size SUV segment.”

Key feature and technology enrichments of the 2021 GLC:

All-digital Instrument Display:

The digital instrument display with a choice of styles like "Classic", "Progressive" and "Sporty"

provides information, which is important to the driver. The 31.2 cm (12.3-inch) display delivers

a pin-sharp image, which is very easy to read in all light conditions. In all styles, the instrument

display is divided into different areas. In each case, the driver can adjust these individually to

suit their requirements using the various settings options. In this way, they always have a

precise view of what is important to them while they are driving.

Front massage seats:

Introducing for the first time in its product portfolio, front massage seats makes the journey all

the more pleasant. Individually adjustable air chambers adjust just like a tailor-made suit. When

you adjust the backrest bolsters so that they are particularly firm, it improves lateral support

for sporty driving maneuvers. The air chambers in the lumbar area can also alternately inflate

and deflate giving a massage with the pulsating effect. The massage functions are adjustable

via the media display.

Parking Package with 360° camera:

Parking Assist with 360° camera makes it easier for the driver to maneuver effortlessly and

park with precision. Thanks to the 360° camera the driver can have a view from every angle

around the vehicle. The virtual bird's-eye view is a smart way to show where the car stands. The

combination of reversing camera and three additional cameras provides the driver with allround

visibility: so you see the surroundings in front of, alongside and behind your vehicle, on

the media display.

Remote Engine Start:

With the “Mercedes me” app on the phone, the customers can remotely start the engine, for pre

entry air-conditioning before start of their journey. Customers will also be able to track the

location of the vehicle, remotely lock or unlock, remotely flash the headlamps, use the horn to

find in a parking lot. Customers can also open or close the windows and sunroof remotely from

the App, set speed alerts for other users and enjoy plethora of other connect services.

Featuring 2021 Mercedes me connect with Alexa, Google Home integration and Parking

location on navigation system

Any conversation with Alexa promises to be more fun as the systems connect with customers

Mercedes Benz via cloud and provide a real time update. This feature can be used from an Alexa

Echo device setup at home, office or also from phone’s Alexa App. Some examples that you can

command, “Alexa, Ask Mercedes to lock the car” or “Alexa, Ask Mercedes to start the engine.” Or

“Alexa, Ask Mercedes when is my service due?”

Google home users can also use Google Home voice assistance with Mercedes me connect. In a

similar way, once the Mercedes me connect is linked to Google Home, you can start issuing

commands like “Hey Google, ask Mercedes where is my car” or “Ok Google, ask Mercedes to remind me to buy flowers”

Another introduction is the new Parking solution POIs (Points of interest) across different parts

of the cities. One can easily spot a parking lot with the help of the vehicle’s navigation system

or even with the maps section on the Mercedes me App.

New Colours:

Brilliant Blue and High Tech Silver

With 2021 GLC, Mercedes-Benz is introducing two new shades in the GLC colour palette. They

are ‘Brilliant Blue’ and ‘High Tech Silver’.


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