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Jawa Fans Come Together to Celebrate the 19th International Jawa Day!

India, 09/07/2021: The second Sunday of July every year marks the celebration of International Jawa Day; the Jawa Kommuniti including the Jawa Yezdi Clubs and fans come together, bringing to life their passion for motorcycling and their love for Jawa & Yezdi Motorcycles.

The 19th International Jawa Day is lined up as a unified event with Jawa Yezdi clubs and new Jawa owners riding out from Jawa dealerships across the country to their favourite haunts and old school addas. This year more than 100 groups are riding across 80 locations, with a total of over 2000 Jawa riders participating on Sunday, 11th July, 2021, making it the biggest celebration yet.

Given the pandemic’s first wave last year, the global Jawa Kommuniti had to make do with a virtual celebration. That too was a super hit, with about 3,00,000 fans engaged by the Kommuniti members not just from clubs across the country but also countries like Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, USA, Vietnam for the virtual celebration. The livestream consisted of veteran riders and clubs reminiscing about their experiences, earlier celebrations, long rides and biking banter that connects the community countrywide.

It was 2 years ago in 2019 when the community last rode out in large numbers like it is being done this year. Back then the largest single location gathering was done in Bangalore where over 700 rider enthusiasts rode to celebrate the day.

This year, the International Jawa Day comes as a breath of fresh air for motorcycling enthusiasts wherever the second wave has subsided, and rides are happening keeping in mind all necessary Covid-19 precautions. As a responsible move, despite an 18-year tradition of the event that is so close to hearts of Jawa fans, there are many clubs that have chosen not to ride in locations where the second wave still lingers!

Talking about the events taking place across the country, Mr. Ashish Singh Joshi, Chief Executive Officer of Classic Legends, said, “We eagerly look forward to the motorcycling spirit celebrating this annual milestone every year. The community riding out on this day is a unique celebration of love for the Jawa brand, making International Jawa Day a one of its kind in the motorcycling industry. This year we have something special lined up too so follow our handles to find out and I wish every single member a safe ride!”

To participate in these rides, one can visit a Jawa dealership, and sign up with the city community. You can look up a dealership nearest to you here. With all safety precautions and social distancing norms in place, the community is all set to ride through the spirit of motorcycling.

About Classic Legends Pvt. Ltd.

Classic Legends Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian company established to re-introduce iconic marquee motorcycle brands in the market. Classic Legends aims to become India’s first true lifestyle company and provide opportunities to consumers to relive the heritage of classic brands by co-creating exciting product and service offerings along with the motorcycling ecosystem.

Jawa is a motorcycle brand from Czech Republic, erstwhile Czechoslovakia, with a 90-year legacy, which in its heyday exported classic, well-engineered and rugged motorcycles to more than 120 countries. It entered the Indian markets in the early 1960’s. The twin aspects of Jawa motorcycles - its beautiful design and strong performance character helped it not only to win hearts but also win many world titles.

From its marquee brands portfolio, Classic Legends’ Jawa, is not just a legendary brand but a way of life. Classic Legends has leveraged the best of its partner capabilities in design and engineering along with the global expertise, to launch products that capture the DNA and ethos, of the original Jawa.


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