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BMW 7 Series Facelift Review: Epitome Of Luxury!


After undergoing a significant update in 2019 that included tweaked exterior styling and more in-car tech, the BMW 7 Series continues into 2021 essentially unchanged. We're fine with that, as the updates helped the 7 Series maintain a special place in everyone's heart. The 7 Series is loaded with all the latest tech BMW has to offer and is impressively spacious and comfortable.


The facelifted BMW 7 Series brings in a whole new design for the front & rear, the MASSIVE kidney grille, a single-piece unit, has the world divided, where few like it and few don't.

Alongside that brand new, taller front end and slimmer headlights, the hood also has some strong creases running above the headlights.

While the rear also changes, like the front end of the car, and is topped off with the latest industry trend: an LED lighting bar running across the width of the rear from one tail-light to the other.

The length of the BMW 7 series is never-ending, but when you're driving or being driven around, you're just cocooned inside the plushness of luxury! sides are complemented by a chrome strip running along the entire length of the car.

At night, when the vehicle is unlocked or the doors are opened, you're welcomed by the

"Welcome Light Carpet", which illuminates the sides of the 7.


There would literally be no place you've been like the interior of the 7 series, everything you touch and feel will be of the highest grade materials, the super-soft "Nappa Leather", the Heated & Ventilated seats, The Massage function, everything feels out of this world & is super comforting.

Either you choose to drive or be driven around in the back seat, you will love every second of it.

especially with the "Executive Lounge" feature. the front passenger seat folds completely and a footrest is deployed to make you feel that extra special!

There are ambient lights everywhere in the 7. On the doors, Behind the front seats, and under the rear screen entertainment. That's not all! There are 15,000 elements in the panoramic sunroof that illuminate the chosen ambient light color!

The rear passenger can control everything from the rear seats with the help of the command center in the rear, It's a tablet that can also be ejected from the rear center armrest, you can control every sunblind, change the ambient light color, control the seats, use the individual rear screens.


The ride of the 7 series is of utmost comfort, there's nothing you can complain about, everything is in the comfiest setting in the comfort plus mode, you can't tell that whether while you're driving, being driven around, you're just floating on the road towards your destination. You just want the journey to never end.

There are multiple driving modes to choose from:

EcoPro - It'll optimize the car to make it very fuel-efficient, even the auto Start-Stop gets aggressive, the Air Conditioner will be optimized to help you save fuel. The gearbox will also disengage to help the car coast for increasing efficiency.

Comfort - As the name suggests everything will be in the comfiest setting, the gear changes will be very smooth and the power delivery will be very linear.

Comfort Plus - Comfort Plus is a level above comfort, the ride becomes super soft. It's like floating on a cloud, you don't come to know even if the tarmac has some rough parts.

Sport - Engine & Gearbox will be in the most aggressive setting to give the best driving experience, the gear changes will be at higher rpm's.

Adaptive - The car will automatically adapt according to your driving.

Because the 7 series has Air Suspension standard, the drive is super plush in any driving modes, In case there is a very big speed breaker or a bad patch of road, you can increase the ride height with a press of a button on the center console.


JustCar says: BMW 7 Series facelift is a huge competition for its rivals like the Mercedes Benz S Class & the Audi A8L. People who love driving with go for the BMW eyes closed, But people who like being chauffeured around should also consider the 7 series, as the 7 series is totally feature & comfort loaded.


  • Cabin Space

  • Comfort

  • Driving


  • Price

  • The front passenger seat lacks massage and adjustment

JustCar gives BMW 7 Series a Big Thumbs Up!

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