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BMW 6GT Review - Redesigned Grand Tourer!


When BMW initially launched the 6GT in the Indian market, people were skeptical about its unusual proportions, but now the car has grown into everyone's conscience. Now the 6GT has been given a midlife facelift which in BMW's term means "LCi (Life Cycle Impulse)", we're here to find out what has been revised & how does it still feels in today's world.


The BMW 6GT is a long car, precisely 5.091 meters long, that places it exactly in the middle of the 5 & the 7 series, and obviously 6 comes after 5 and before 7 *pun intended*

The facelift has a complete redesign of the front of the car, it now looks more angular and aggressive.

The headlights have new Twin-L design daytime running lights, and on the 630i & 630d M Sports the headlights are BMW's pinnacle Laser Lights that throw the beams up to 650m and adjust automatically so they don't dazzle the oncoming traffic and still give you the best illumination possible. The taillights have also been redesigned.

The Active-Airstream kidney grill is also now larger and a single unit, which has active aero flaps that open and close depending on conditions, like if the engine needs cooling the flaps remain open, and if the car needs better aerodynamics they remain closed.

Talking about aerodynamics, the car also has a rear spoiler that can open or close automatically or you can operate it manually via a button on the center console.

The 19" alloy wheels have been retained which never feels old, you can still opt for the 20" wheels but those are not recommended for Indian roads as the ride comfort will go for a toss and you'll be always worried about your tyres and rims.


This is the place you'd wish to be every day, the fit and finish of the cabin are unparalleled. Everything you touch is made of premium material. You can't find anything to complain about. The Nappa Leather, the Soft-Touch plastics, everything is of the highest quality.

There are very few changes on the inside compared to the exterior, but the most prominent change is the new 12.3" iDrive screen, which looks massive. It has all the bells and whistles that you'd expect. Apple CarPlay & FINALLY Android Auto, and you don't have to search for cables as they are wirelessly operative. Even the driver's instrument cluster is a 12.3" screen that shows all the details, it also changes the information depending on the driving mode.

For those who want to buy a car bigger than the 5 series, but don't want to stretch all the way to the 7 series, 6GT is the perfect car for them. The wheelbase is the same as the regular wheelbase 7 series, which helps the cabin of the 6GT open up to give more legroom for the rear passengers. The rear screen entertainment is now a touch unit and also a standard fitment on the 6GT.


The BMW 6GT comes with 3 Engine options:-

620d LuxuryLine - 2.0L 4 Cylinder Diesel that produces 190hp & 400Nm torque.

630d M Sport - 3.0L 6 Cylinder Diesel that produces 265hp & 620Nm torque.

630i M Sport - 2.0L 4 Cylinder Petrol that produces 258hp & 400Nm torque.

Our review car was the top of the line 630d MSport, that 3.0L 6 Cylinder engine is a powerhouse, everyone who's watching on the outside are awestruck, how can something this big and luxurious propel at such pace. every time you accelerate you're pulled back in your seat by that power.

There are multiple driving modes to choose from:

EcoPro - It'll optimize the car to make it very fuel-efficient, even the auto Start-Stop gets aggressive, the Air Conditioner will be optimized to help you save fuel. The gearbox will also disengage to help the car coast for increasing efficiency.

Comfort - As the name suggests everything will be in the comfiest setting, the gear changes will be very smooth and the power delivery will be very linear.

Comfort Plus - Comfort Plus is a level above comfort, the ride becomes super soft. It's like floating on a cloud, you don't come to know even if the tarmac has some rough parts.

Sport - Engine & Gearbox will be in the most aggressive setting to give the best driving experience, the gear changes will be at higher rpm's.

Adaptive - The car will automatically adapt according to your driving.

Because the 6GT has an Air Suspension standard, the drive is super plush in any driving mode. In case there is a very big speed breaker or a bad patch of road, you can increase the ride height with a press of a button on the center console.


JustCar says: BMW 6GT is a worthy replacement for the 5GT, The facelift makes things even better as the redesign keeps the car in competition with a very important rival i.e. Mercedes Benz E Class. BMW has always been associated as a drivers car, even after 6GT being really tall and long it still stays close to the roots of why people buy BMW.


  • Cabin Space

  • Comfort

  • Driving


  • Price

  • Looks maybe a personal choice; Some like it, some may not.

JustCar Gives BMW 6GT A Big Thumbs-Up

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