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BMW 3 Series (G20) Review : Does It Live Up To The Expectations?

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

BMW 320d

When BMW first unveiled the New-Generation G20 3 Series, they promoted it with a Hashtag #3rill as the 3 Series has always been associated as a "Driver's Car" and not only that, they also wrapped the pre-launch cars in camouflage wrap with bold #3rill lettering.

So we're here to find out whether the New-Generation 3 Series lives up to the expectation!

Lets find out..!


Comparing the exteriors of the New 3 Series (G20) to the model it replaces (F30) the looks have changed drastically. The all-new 3 Series is 76 millimetres longer than its predecessor (at 4,709 mm), 16 millimetres wider (1,827 mm) and just 1 mm taller (1,442 millimetres). These dimensions lend the latest-generation model dynamically stretched proportions and a muscular stature. The car’s 41-millimetre longer wheelbase (2,851 mm) and increased track widths (front: + 43 mm, rear: 21 mm), meanwhile, have a direct and positive influence on its poise and agility.

Once you get upclose to the new 3 series, you immediately feel the car has grown apart from the numbers making you sure. The looks of the it can excite you in multiple ways depending on the variant you choose.

You can choose between 3 models:-


  • 320d Sport

  • 320d Luxury Line


  • 330i M Sport

Our press vehicle was the top of the line diesel 320d Luxury Line, at first those huge kidney grills were thought to be an overkill, but when you see the it in person they grow on you, the exterior looks of the Luxury Line look really good but we'd rather choose some other alloys than the multi spoke 17" Alloys, which look rather small in person.

Certain new exterior details that retain the signature BMW elemants:-

The new One-Piece Kidney Grill

New Bumper Integrated Headlight Design

The "Hofmeister Kink" is now integrated in the rear side windows


Interior is where you will see a massive upgrade compared to the model it replaces, where the older 3 series (F30) was simple and designed for easy to use, the new 3 series now has a completely new a design and is filled with tech

The iDrive screen is now connected to the new Live Cockpit Professional, and has the latest iDrive 7 Operating System. It has all the connectivity offering i.e Bluetooth Audio, Apple CarPlay, etc but misses on the Android Auto. The New iDrive 7 Operating System is super easy to use and the new voice command feature is also really worth the try, it can be activated by saying "Hey BMW!".

New Live Cockpit Professional

Unlike the new gen cars that have the "Glass Package", the 3 gets the plastic gear selector but still has quality to it, but we still miss the Crystal gear selector. There are also ambient light that look really amazing at night, there are 6 Colors & 11 Combination to choose from.


Get on the driving seat and you'll forget everything that's going in your mind, the car being 50kg lighter and nothing changed to the engine. You'll be amazed how even a 2.0L Diesel engine can get a grin on your face, the car is super predictable in terms of handling and the hero here has always been the rear wheel drive setup.

The power figures are not great but are good enough for your day to day traffic situations. The 190HP & 400Nm Diesel motor is quite punchy even in comfort mode.

In case you're thinking about the fuel economy you won't be disappointed as the 320d will give an exceptionally good fuel economy of 19.62 km/l (Claimed), but even during our daily driving we got an fuel economy of 14 km/l which is quite good.

In sports mode the car gets really aggressive. The Steering, Gear changes & the Throttle response goes on the maximum attack mode. The steering is relatively quite light compared to the model it replaces, but you won't loose the connect to the road,the power output feels quite amazing.


The New-Gen 3 series has a lot of shoes to fill especially for those who are looking for the perfect drivers car for a reasonable amount of money they spend on a premium luxury sedan. the new 3 series already has a lots of things going right as the new refreshed cabin and a complete exterior design change. The ride is also very smooth and comfortable what most of them will look for while competing with other rivals like the Audi A4 & Mercedes-Benz C Class.

JustCar says: The New Generation 3 Series definitely has all the traits that are worth carrying the 3 series name ahead, but its relatively more expensive compared to its rivals. But its definitely worth giving it a try before buying any premium luxury sedan, especially if you love driving.


  • Interior Cabin Quality

  • Powerful Engine

  • 360 Parking sensors + Reverse Assistant


  • Price

JustCar gives New Gen BMW 3 Series a Huge Thumbs Up!

Picture Gallery

Rolling Pictures Shot By:- Nirmeet Patil


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