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Audi to drive in Audi e-tron and Audi e-tron Sportback to India in the first half of 2021!

Audi, the German luxury car manufacturer, today released a teaser of the Audi e-tron ahead of its launch in India. Taking the excitement a notch higher, the brand will also bring in the Audi e-tron Sportback simultaneously to India giving the customer a choice within the e-tron line up. The showcase of Audi e-tron in India in 2019 had generated considerable excitement amongst enthusiasts with a fantastic response from Audi’s existing customers as well as prospective buyers and some of the first movers.

A combination of technology, space, and comfort, the Audi e-tron is an all-electric sporty full-size SUV that is fun to drive. The Audi e-tron offers the spaciousness and comfort of one of the brand’s typical full-size models. Paired with high-quality materials and fine workmanship, it makes electric mobility a premium experience. The Audi e-tron is the worldwide market leader in its segment. The first fully-electric series production model from Audi is popular all over the world with customers and media alike.

The new all-electric Audi e-tron Sportback is the epitome of progressive design. It combines action-packed driving pleasure with athletic design elements, making it an electric vehicle that promises pure emotion.

Equipped with a stronger battery the cars will provide peak torque right from the start without any delay. In addition to this, they provide a long-range for a high level of everyday usability making the cars an ideal Luxury EV. To make electric mobility a premium experience, the cars will be offered with comprehensive and reliable charging units giving customers the option to install them at their home/office.

The new all-electric cars will make electromobility not just sustainable but exhilarating: charged with electrifying designs, breath-taking driving, and innovative technology.

By 2025, globally the Audi portfolio will already include more than 30 models with electric drive, of which 20 will be all-electric.


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