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There are the Porsche typical distinguishing features such as the heavily emphasised front wings, the long, sloping bonnet with power domes and the characteristic three-piece air intakes, which have become even larger and more dominant. The front apron is new and powerfully styled – even when stationary, it alludes to the concentrated performance. The LED main headlights have an optional new LED matrix beam.


Laterally, the sharpened lines of the roof fall fatter to the rear right through to the roof spoiler. Just like the newly styled doors and the new, up to 22-inch wheels with – for the first time on the Cayenne – mixed tyres with up to 315mm at the rear axle. These are further details that enhance that overall sporty impression.





High quality, sporty, ergonomic. For instance, due to the that, broad dashboard and the ascending centre console for a quick grip from the multifunction sports steering wheel to the gear selector.


In short: Porsche DNA. Because our origin is motorsports. That is where we have learned how important it is to bring vehicle and driver as close together as possible. The interior is built practically around the driver. And so is completely and fully focused on them.


This also applies to the seats: sportiness is very important. Also on the newly designed rear seats, where every single place also triggers motorsports emotions. Without compromising comfort.



Cayenne (3.0L Turbocharged V6)


  • 245km/h 

    Top Speed

  • 6.2s

    0-100 kph

  • 5.9s 0-100 kph (With Sport Chrono Package)

  • 340BHP


Cayenne Turbo (4.0L TwinTurbo V8)


  • 286km/h 

    Top Speed

  • 4.1s

    0-100 kph

  • 3.9s 0-100 kph (With Sport Chrono Package)

  • 550BHP



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